User Guide

The User Guide is a PDF file. Click here to download Adobe Reader if you don't already have it.

Frequently Asked


Common issues are listed here - please check before submitting a support ticket.


Support system

Use our online support ticket system to contact us.

Version Archive


Version 1.2

Added options to include/exclude Score and Cumulative Total columns.


Version 1.11

Updated to handle AdWords CAPTCHA time-out better.


Version 1.1

Updated to use quotes around allinanchor: searches for greater accuracy.


Version 1.0

First fully functional version of Keyword Examiner.

Frequently Asked QuestionsPlease read these first before submitting a support ticket

1. I can't get Keyword Examiner to work at all!

This is usually due to .NET Framework 2 not being installed. Please download and install the Framework from Microsoft here. Then try running Keyword Examiner.

2. What do all these numbers mean?

Please read the User Guide for a full explanation of what each column in the Keyword Examiner data shows. It explains how the data is gathered, what the numbers represent and how the KEI scores are calculated.

3. Why does a box with funny letter and numbers appear either when I'm using Keyword Examiner or searching on Google afterwards?

This is Google's CAPTCHA code, used to stop automated programs from using too much of Google's resources. You will need to enter the code as you see it to continue. This is an unavoidable symptom of using Keyword Examiner and usually occurs after around 200 searches have been performed. If you don't use Keyword Examiner too heavily, you may never see this code. It is usually reset a few hours later and you won't need to enter the code any more.

For a further explanation, please see the User Guide.